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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Thrill is Gone - Four of Cups

It's the count down for the release of The Thrill is Gone, Four of Cups in eXtasy's Tarot series - -due out March 15.

Well, almost launch week. It was a fun story to write because it comes from a part of my life.

Two years ago Brenda Novak ( was doing a column on her website that had interviews with real life folks in the law enforcement community. I hooked her up with a few friends of mine including Ken Holmes, the Marin County coroner. Ken is a total awesome guy and he helped me with some of my research for Her Eyes (, particularly in the area of organ transplants. In the course of her conversation with Ken she asked about seeing the coroner's office and he arranged for Brenda, Allison Brennan ( and I to do a tour of the Sacramento County coroner's office. Up we went and it was an amazing afternoon where we learned more than we ever thought possible.

Last year I set up a Valentine's event with KOFY TV-20 where Brenda, Allison, Karin Tabke and I had guest spots throughout the week at the station. During the interviews Brian, our cameraman told me I should write a romantic suspense with a dashing cameraman named Brian as the hero. The idea percolated and while The Thrill is Gone isn't THAT story he does have a part in it and it does have some surprises from our TV appearances.

The four of cups is traditionally seen as a sad tarot card, one filled with a sense of loss and missing the boat. It's often defined as a time of feeling like something is missing from our lives, but nothing we can put our fingers on.

I don't see it that way. I see it as more a reminder that sometimes we need to sit back and take stock of just what we have. Too often (I think) we get caught up in what we don't have, what we've lost, what more we have to do instead of taking stock of what we do have. The four of cups, for me, reminds me to appreciate those things we too often take for granted.

Right now, my kitties are doing well. Even the 21-1/2 year old is doing awesome. Mel is struggling with something but he'll be fine.

I have some of the best friends in the world. They are talented, creative, fun, intelligent and solid people.

I don't just have a job, I have a good job working with some of the most totally awesome people ever. Being around people who are a combination intelligent and creative is energizing. Add in the fact that they can be fun and total team players you pretty much have an ideal situation.

Sometimes I think if I didn't have those four of cups moments I wouldn't appreciate these seemingly little things that make life good.

So what do you think of Angie's cover? Super, huh?