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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our Favorite Quotes -- What are Sue Roebuck's?

On our last week of our blog tour we're talking about our favorite quotes.  Sue had this to say:

Many many thanks to Regan for hosting me today. It’s been a fabulous experience to take part in the Best Summer Reading Blog Tour.  We’re on Week 8 already and today’s topic is on our favorite quotes from our books.

I've chosen a few sentences from my novel, Perfect Score, which is a non-explicit, m/m suspense/romance. It was a finalist in the 2012 EPIC eBook Awards in the Mainstream category and it was also a Honorary Mention in the 2011 Rainbow Awards in the General Fiction category.

Here's when 12 year-old Sam first meets his saviour and mentor, Itinerant Dan:

       His name was Itinerant Dan. “But you can call me Itinerant for short.” He swigged a long draft from a bottle of clear liquid, the fumes of which made Sam's head swim. Itinerant looked like so many on the street—dirty, smelly, hairy, ageless, in need of a dentist and with more than a whiff of insanity about him—but his eyes were bright with life that hadn't quite been snuffed out. “Here,” he handed Sam a moth-eaten blanket which smelt of a thousand unwashed bodies, “someone always dies at night— we'll get their shirt and pants.”

You can read more on the Publisher's site.

And from my other novel, Hewhay Hall, I’ve chosen this snippet. It features firefighter Jude who is recovering from being caught in a bomb blast:

Jude met Jolon for the first time on the street when Jude had ventured out for the first time using two crutches instead of sitting in a wheelchair. An old geezer was nonchalantly leaning against the carpet store window in the High Street, his lower face foliated by tendrils of beard growing in clumps.
Jude wouldn’t have noticed him if the guy hadn’t called across the crowd of Goths wearing industrial boots who lurked on the sidewalk. “Mathematically speaking,” he’d shouted, “we’re both fucked.”
Jude rested on his crutches and felt an instant attraction to the guy. 
“Smells like rain,” the guy said.
“Probably because it is raining,” Jude replied.

Buy Hewhay Hall here: 
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 You can read mine at Regina Andrews' blog at: 

Leave a comment to be entered in both this week's drawing on July 29 as well as our grand prize drawing of a $50 Amazon gift certificate. 


Sunday, July 15, 2012

True or False with Christine London

This week is your chance to catch us in our own fiction!

I asked Christine London to tell me about herself and one thing she said isn't quite true....which is it?

Christine said:  Hi Regan! Thanks for allowing me to visit your blog today. Oh my, what a topic. I have to tell you that I am a lousy fibber, at least in person. video or cam here so I might be safe.

Okay-- here goes:

"Tell us three things about yourself and one lie."

You, my dear peeps, have to decide which one is the lie. That means a comment on your part. Oh, did I tell you that your comment might just win a free e-book? And furthermore you might be the winner of a FIFTY DOLLAR AMAZON GIFT CERTIFICATE to be awarded at the end of July?
Yes--that bit is all true. Good luck!

1) I was the youngest member of the well respected South Bay Los Angeles concert singers, Los Conciertos at the tender age of seventeen. I concurrently performed in my high school master chorale, then university adjunct to the L.A. Master Choral directed by the amazing Paul Salamonovich. Presently I sing in a vocal jazz pop octet, A Choired Taste.

2) I once crashed the Ischia International Film Festival on the Amalphi Coast Island of Ischia — later including the caper in my novel Leap Of Faith.

3) Gerard Butler and I chatted in a dark cinema hallway before he joined a group to discuss the film in which he portrays a ex-biker gang member, Sam Childers, in the film Machine Gun Preacher. The real life hero of the movie chuckled at the notion that a romance writer was attending the premiere of his docudrama about a renegade militia that forces East African orphans to become soldiers before they even reach their teens. Determined to save as many as possible, he leads armed missions deep into enemy territory to retrieve kidnapped children to the security of the orphanage he founded, restoring peace in their lives—and eventually his own.

4) I came in first in my age category—my first official 5 K run. "Jet to Jetty" event benefiting Airport Marina mental Health held on Dockweiler Beach Playa del Rey Los Angeles County in 2005.

Okay--which is the lie? Why do you think I am fibbing about that one? What cool and perhaps unbelievable thing have you done about which people might guess you were fibbing?

I can't wait to tour around the other author's blogs to see what mischief they have been up to in their lives and what you readers have to say! Come on over to my blog and see what author Ann Tracy has to fib about.

Christine London, author of 100 Romance Best of 2011, When We Were Amazing
Amazon link:
When tragedy nearly destroys Brian's family wine business, can this reluctant young heir forfeit his dreams and online love to save it? 

See what story I came up with over at the Love Romances and More Blog with Angie 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Guess Which Character is Coming to Dinner at Sharon Poppen's

I recently asked Sharon Poppen “If you could organize a dinner party, which fictional characters would you invite and what would you cook?”

She answered:

Regan, Thanks for having me guest on your lovely blog this week of the Best Summer Reading Blog Tour. It’s been a blast moving each week from one author’s blog to another. I’ve connected with so many folks, both reader and authors, from so many different genres. It has left me tempted to broaden my range of interest. You can be sure that I’ll be checking out Corinne Davies blog at where she’s hosting you, Regan Taylor, with your answers to the above question.

Now, as to my dinner guests, so many flashed through my mind that I realized I’d have to rent a banquet hall to accommodate them. I’m very character driven both in my writing and in what I read, so I’ve become attached to so many over the years. I guess the first woman on my list would be Scarlett O’Hara from ‘Gone With the Wind’ by Margaret Mitchell. She is probably where my focus on strong women in the old west took hold.

Next would be Dagny Taggart from ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand, a book I was encouraged to read when I was faced with my divorce and the challenge of single parenting two children.

Then I would invite Stephanie Plum from the Janet Evanovich series of books about a wacky bailbonds woman. Her I-can-do-anything attitude along with her non-judgmental approach to life always encourages and entertains me.

From my own books, I would invite Lita Villasenor Farrell from “After the War, Before the Peace”. Her courage to reach out for something that crosses all lines – religious, cultural, social – because she saw her destiny in one man that could bring happiness into her life of poverty, confusion and betrayal. I would also invite Peggy Moynahan from ‘Abby-Finding More Than Gold’. Peggy brings fun to any aspect of her life. Hardly speaking, other than prayers, as a child, her first adult kiss opens up world of possibilities that the young adventuress embraces and enhances. She brings a party to a party.

I would also invite Danny Fisher from “A Stone for Danny Fisher’. Author Harold Robbins’ very best book. Danny is a sad, but charming, young man from the Great Depression Era who always strives for better, despite the darkness that shadows his every decision. I’d invite Andy Hookens from ‘Battle Cry’. His determination to be a tough Marine evolves when faced with love and brotherhood.

Next would be John Savage from ‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley. To watch John observe and judge a controlled population with a na├»ve innocence and an outdated value system is both frightening and sad, but also a warning. From my books, I would invite Joe Farrell from ‘After the War, Before the Peace.’ Joe finds good in almost everything, but is never afraid to speak his mind. And I would invite Liam Canady from ‘Hannah’ because he is just a really, really nice guy. As to what I would feed them, well my hosting dinner parties days are over. I’d probably take them to a nice Olive Garden restaurant and let them have anything they want.

Thanks, Regan, for having me here this week. I hope we get lots of folks dropping for a chance to win our book of the week and for qualifying to win our end-of-tour $50 Amazon gift certificate by leaving a comment here on your blog as to who they would invite to dinner!

Sharon Poppen ( ) has won awards from Arizona Authors Assoc. and National League of American Pen Women. Her western novels After the War, Before the Peace, Hannah and Abby-Finding More Than Gold are available at Amazon Books, most web based book sellers and from her website.  Her work has appeared in such publications as A Flasher’s Dozen, Desert Treasures, Skive, Offerings from the Oasis, A Long Story Short, Apollo Lyre and Laughter Loaf.  Her workshops on Journaling, Short Story Writing and Blogging bring rave reviews.  Sharon is a member of Lake Havasu City Writer’s Group. Her gay/sci-fi novel Regardless will be available in print and ebook the fall of 2012.

List of Published Novels

After the War, Before the Peace
Abby-Finding More Than Gold
Regardless (due out fall 2012)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Who Showed Up at Ann Tracy Marr's Hi, all. I’m Ann Tracy Marr, ready to enliven your day. A big thank you to Regan for giving me her blog for the week as part of the Best Ever Summer Blog Tour. Regan is hanging out at Now, let’s have fun. Who was standing at the foot of my bed last night? Doesn’t that sound like a great title? If it is for a movie, you can bet it’s horror. The vampire at the foot of my bed –has he just risen, as in the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and he’s hungry, he’s going to suck me dry as a bone? Or am I the woman who can redeem his soul? If it’s a poem, it’s by e.e. cumming – the guy who forgot capital letters. He wrote something like this: Who was standing at the foot of my bed a crocosaurus hungry for a grilled cheese sandwich and needing the back of his ears scratched I used the sandpaper I keep next to my glasses and ordered him back to his corner until the alarm clock went off no cheating on your diet, sweetie But if it’s a romance, guess the ways you can stretch the phrase. The cowboy, drunk on moonshine and his stupendous win at the poker table, turned left instead of right at the inn stairs. He counted doors and this door was the right number. Just the wrong direction, if his head wasn’t too muddled to realize it. After fiddling with the stubborn door, he raised a foot and kicked it in. Swaggering, he entered and headed for the foot of the bed, slinging his gunbelt down with a whomp. Whoo, hoo, there was a female waiting to celebrate with him. Better yet, two. The curly headed girl smiled at him; he grinned back. The other, the black haired witch, jumped out of the bed and punched him in the nose. Or – Snow drifted through the oilskin flapping at the croft window. Breanna tugged at the moth eaten blanket, trying to cover her bare shoulder. Her sister must have rolled over, taking her share of the bedding. If only they were at the castle. Her own room, rich furs to keep her warm. An odd sound made her open her eyes. A man, as tall as the ceiling, with moon colored hair untidily on his shoulders, grinned at her. Blessed Mary have mercy on her soul. A Viking. Or—Lady Ann, the bedcovers a tent over her head as she read by the light of a shielded candle, stiffened. The door had quietly opened. Closed. Muffled thuds sounded on the carpet. Hessians? Gentlemen wore Hessians. Heavens, had her father discovered that she was reading a book of philosophy? There would be a dreadful row. Mama would cry. Papa would take a switch to her. Expecting the worst, Lady Ann flipped the covers back and sat up, clutching the candle. The dastardly Duke stood at the foot of the bed. He said with a grin, “Surprise. Your father neglected to inform you – we were married three months ago by proxy.” Or – Kristen threw the remote. “Don’t stand at the foot of my bed,” she howled. “I can’t see Conan.” Matt grinned. “I’ve got something better than that lame comedian.” “How dare you! Just because we’re stuck in this godforsaken airport hotel together doesn’t mean you can…” Her voice trailed off as his zipper went down. “It’s our lucky day, Kristen. Stranded by a snowstorm with the hotel crammed to the gills so we have to share a room. Don’t you think we’ve danced around our lust long enough?” Oh, yes, it’s a great title. Cheers, Ann Tracy Marr Where can you find me? Website: Purchase books (e-book or trade paperback) on Curious to continue the Best Ever Summer Blog Tour? Here’s a list of the blogs: Ann Tracy Marr - Susan Roebuck - Sharon Poppen - Regan Taylor - Angie Dobson, Reviewer - Corinne Davies - Regina Andrews - Christine London - Lynn Hones -

Curious to continue the Best Ever Summer Blog Tour? Here’s a list of the blogs:

Ann Tracy Marr -

Susan Roebuck -

Sharon Poppen -

Regan Taylor -

Christine London -

Lynn Hones -