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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Celebrating the Release of Her Knight in Shining Amour - the Knight of Pentacles

Her Knight in Shining Amour, The Knight of Pentacles, is due for release on June 1 with eXtasy Books. I've had so much fun with my series within the publisher's series. Book 1 introduced the Four Cups aka the Love Cups in The Thrill is Gone, Four of Cups. Readers met Queenie, Karley, Kimmie and Amber and told the story of Queenie and her younger, oh so hot boyfriend Derek.

In Her Knight in Shining Amour, their editor sends Karley on a mission -- to thoroughly research her latest book she needs to check out the atmosphere of a local club. Karley gets to check out a lot more, mainly the totally hot bod of Morgan Knight, her personal Knight in Shining Amour.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Glass Cage, Book 2 of the McKenna Crime Series

What started as a way of dealing with an intolerable situation where I myself sat in a glass booth similar to the one in The Glass Cage, I found writing a story with the ending I liked best was the most cathartic experience of all. Along with my friends, Lori, Eb, Karin, Maggie and Sandy, we found a friendship that will last a lifetime. Oh yeah, and little guys CAN win!

The Glass Cage, Available Now