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Her Eyes

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Their Eyes

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul.

In Her Eyes my co-author Jennifer Cloud and I ask "When you look into her eyes what do you see?"

In His Eyes I ask "When you look into his eyes, WHO do you see?"

In Their Eyes I will ask "When you look into their eyes, when do you see?"

Her Eyes debuted with Amira Press Amira Press and tells Frank White's story. Coupling the horror/thriller of Jennifer Cloud with my own sweet/sensual romances Her Eyes takes the reader into the world of cell memory in transplant surgeries and whether or not someone can transcend death to be with the one they love.

His Eyes is available with Siren-Bookstrand Siren Bookstrand and picks up where Her Eyes ended at Frank and Claudia White's wedding. When Detective Mike Malone lost Claudia to Frank both readers and myself felt bad for him. Here he was this gorgeous, good hearted guy who was all alone. At the Whites' wedding he meets Barbie-doll-like Melanie Hughes. Guarding his heart he asks the questions he is pretty sure he needs answers to. There was one question he should have asked and never quite got around to. It was the one question he should have asked.

Their Eyes -- to be written!

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