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Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Die A Soldier

A friend of mine and her son wrote these incredible tributes

(A Memorial Day Tribute)
(By:  Jereme and Donna Smith)

Today is the day that I die a soldier. 
I have become a man as my weapon grows colder. 
I could tell you I never felt fear, but that would be a lie. 
A true hero perseveres in the face of demise. 

I do not fear death as I face it today.
I feel for my brothers as they chase it away.
I would die a thousand times so that they may live
If I had a thousand more lives that I would give.

How I find peace in this war to me seems so strange
Don’t cry for my body, for my memory remains
No memorial or plaque would ever come close
To the heroes that stand stronger than most.

 For now I shall look over and watch
As they march for freedom,  I dwell in their thoughts
For ever and always, I shall love my soldiers
A boy became a man, as his weapon grew colder.

I Die A Soldier
(A Memorial Day Tribute)

I am in a war and I’ve been shot.  The bullet pierced my stomach, and my blood is flowing.  I feel an enormous sense of pain.  I have dimming senses, but I can feel some heat.    Strange, I thought it was summer over here, but it’s hard to tell. It’s nighttime, I think. 

I’m 27 and my name is Wayne, and I’m dying.  I feel strange here.  I see thin outlines of my brothers.  I hear them crying, hear them screaming, ‘Buddy, you’re gonna be all right, I promise.’  I am afraid.  And my brothers are afraid for me too.   And I’m cold.”  “Damn, why am I so cold?”

I have some sensation.  My hand is touching the ground and I feel a slight trembling.   I know it is my blood that is making me wet.   

I relive memories.  They come at me like a kaleidoscope.   We’re all laughing and someone is slapping the back of my head.  I see myself laughing but I can’t mimic it.  My chest is heaving with my remaining breaths.  There’s my mom.  I can’t touch her or cry out to her. There’s my Dad.  He’s coming to me from Heaven, I guess. 

I think I believe in God. 

I’m fading now.  The pain is almost gone, and my buddies are losing their form.  The  sounds of their screaming are more cryptic.  I look down one last time at my uniform, and I hope that I have served proudly and haven’t disappointed anyone.  

Farewell, my friends.

On this Memorial Day……….dedicated to all
the soldiers who sacrificed their lives
with courage, integrity and pride.