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He plans America's Hero, She IS America's Hero.

With so many different time periods it would have been easy to become ho hum about the story. This didn’t happen because history from the personal viewpoint of the hero and heroine brought the siege of Troy and all the other events to life in a completely modern way. This in turn highlighted Austin and Cassie’s growing love and their reaction to what was happening to them.

This book is a must read! It has everything. Strong hero and heroine; time travel; romantic interludes and a bit of history thrown in. Ms Taylor has crafted a well rounded and beautifully written story which has something for everyone. Even the cover is fabulous!


From Amanda Killgore:

I can almost certainly guarantee you have not read a story like this before. Excellent suspense and an intriguing concept blend perfectly. I can also hardly believe two people wrote it, so well do their voices unite; which, considering the subject, has a bit of irony inherent in that fact.  Many people avoid small press releases, but this is one you should not miss.


Lettetia gave Regan's historical romance 4 Stars.

"Indentured Bride is a refreshing play on the mail order bride synopsis. Jennifer/Jenna is a personable heroine I immediately felt empathy toward. Her plight is one many readers will identify and sympathize with. She is kind and good natured, caring and passionate, yet wary for all the right reasons. She is a lovely foil for our cynical but luscious lawman. The internal struggles Jenna suffers are realistically presented by author, Regan Taylor and made me a part of her support group from the onset. Brett’s smooth charm and patient manner captured a little of my heart as I got to know him better and

the chemistry he has with Jenna is palpable. The prejudice of his past hurt my heart and gives him a vulnerability that makes him a more “human” hero. The undercurrent of danger and waiting “for the other shoe to drop” kept me glued to my seat for the duration of the adventure. A truly reprehensible villain adds that extra element to Indentured Bride to satisfy the mystery lover in all of us."

Read the entire review. Buy Indentured Bride: The Bride Series - Book 1 from Awe-Struck Publishing.


"With unpredictable twists, Regan Taylor tells a love story with accurate historical detail. Taylor’s characters are human to the core, down to the close bond only forged between women on a wagon train. Taylor has a unique skill for revealing the personality of her characters who are fighting for their identity among other people’s expectations, in a time when women didn’t always have the ‘luxury’ of being single."

Read the entire review. Buy Indentured Bride-The Bride Series: Book 1 from Awe-Struck Publishing.

5 Cups From Cherokee at Coffeetime:

Indentured Bride is a remarkable tale with all the ingredients that keep the reader enthralled. Jenna and Brett are special characters that just bring warmth and sunshine into the heart. The reader cannot help but feel for them with all the events that play into their lives. The wagon train and the move out west was one that this reader could feel on the journey. Regan Taylor pens an extraordinary tale that is refreshing and intense. She creates a devilish villain in Julian that further mesmerizes the reader. I was so captivated with this adventure I wanted more.

From Anne K. Edwards:

Talented author Reagan Taylor tells us a tale of two wounded hearts from two different worlds and their search for happiness and safety. Will they find it or will Jennifer's past return to threaten her? Will she have to return to the house of the man she so detests?

I'm pleased to recommend this well told tale to any romantic or western romance fan who enjoys plenty of action. The story will pull you along as the realistic characters welcome you into their world. This is a tale that will leave you pleased at having read it and will have you looking for other books by this very able author.

From Joyfully Reviewed:

Indentured Bride by Regan Taylor is a engrossing and romantic saga of mistaken identities. Jennifer’s assault at the hands of her uncle was foul indeed but I like how she tried to take control of her life. I didn’t like how she continued to not’ fess up to her little lie with her new husband, Brett. He was torn once the truth was out and I fully can sympathize with the hurt feelings he had concerning the woman he gave his heart to. He forgave her but it took him a while, and although my heart broke for the pain each was feeling, I like how the plot unfolded because it would have been hard to forgive and forget.

Regan Taylor is now on my reviewer radar. I can’t wait to read more from this talented author. Lucky for me Indentured Bride is the first book of her Bride Series and I am ready for the next installment!

From Romance Reviews Today:

Mail-order bride stories always sound so romantic, and this one is no exception. It is easy to imagine the jubilation in the small town when the train arrives with twenty-three ladies looking for their husbands-to-be. The women form strong friendships on the four-month trip west and are anxious to marry and start families; the men are pleased to alleviate their loneliness and have women in their lives. Although many variations of this tale have been written in the past, INDENTURED BRIDE tells the story of a woman reluctant to marry and a man who is concerned that his Cheyenne heritage will be unacceptable to his new bride. Some of the misunderstandings between Brett and Jenna are disconcerting, and I wanted to shake some sense into them; Uncle Julian is a vile over-the-top villain.

INDENTURED BRIDE is a romantic tale with just a bit of suspense. It is an interesting story, it flows well, and is easy to read. If you enjoy stories of the old west, I think you will enjoy it, too.

JASON'S ACCORD Book One of the Descendants of Earth series

From Leah at Love Romances and More - 4-1/2 Hearts

Jason's Accord is an excellent example of what a futuristic romance should be: full of descriptive details and an wholly imagined universe. Ms. Taylor has written an outstanding novel and is to be commended for her great imagination! This reviewer would love to see additional stories set in this universe. This tale features a strong heroine whose strength is not immediately apparent but which grows throughout the tale and bursts forth at appropriate times. Many readers will be able to identify with elements of Miranda’s struggle for independence and her desire to find value in her own right. Jason is also a very appealing character and his torment over Miranda’s seeming lack of response to him makes him both vulnerable and endearing. Minor suspense elements as well as the great romance scenes round the novel out beautifully. The secondary characters add charm, wit and depth to the story line and emphasize the value of friends in our lives.

From Rose at Romance at Heart

Regan Taylor leads us into a world where sexual slavery rules, and yet there are some who fight the system. In Jason's Accord, Jason Dumont is just such a man, and as he is captured by Miranda’s innocence, so is his heart captured by her nature, and her plight. Little does he know Miranda is his destiny, just as Miranda is unaware of fate’s unusual plans for her. Each must learn hard lessons before they can truly love, and there is great ganger to them both if the lessons are not learned in time. He is caught by the black-haired blue-eyed woman, and is lost. Ages old instincts arise, causing him to want to protect her, keep her safe from the likes of Darius, who is a most dangerous rival. She is drawn to the handsome man who is the stuff of her dreams. Young, handsome, and if she weren’t his slave, weren’t forced to do his bidding in all things, she could find it in her heart to care for him. Jason's Accord is a poignant yet beautifully crafted tale, and it is a real keeper for those who love futuristic romance. Jason and Miranda’s story will come alive in your mind, and you will find yourself looking for more.  Kudos to Regan and her wonderful romance Jason's Accord.

When I first started this book, I was not hoping for much. Can you tell? This story line has been used by erotica writers for a decade. Regan Taylor surprised me. She made this fresh again. The characters are fully developed. True tenderness rises between the couple. The world was also fully developed.

If you are looking for your standard sex slavery book, this isn't it. The emphasis isn't on sex. If you are looking for a high grade romance, look no further. B+ It would've gotten an A but I couldn't quite do it because of the predictable plot. Regan Taylor has talent. I will be watching for more.

From Romance Reviews Today

Regan Taylor writes with stylish smoothness about interesting characters and gives credence to what could have been a totally disastrous chain of events. I like Jason's Accord very much and recommend it. Reviewed by Vi Janaway

From Two Lips Reviews

Regan Taylor has created a man, so sweet, kind, and considerate, that you’ll wish he was yours for the taking!  While the subject of slavery may be somewhat controversial, it is a norm for the Martan culture and Jason treats Miranda well. So well in fact, that I challenge any woman not to fall in love with Jason by the end of Jason's Accord.

Watching Jason and Miranda get used to one another and fall in love brings to mind the word “cherish.” Their feelings for each other, expressed in their own individual ways, will warm your heart as you cheer them towards a happy ending. With suspense, intrigue, and odious villains, Regan Taylor provides her readers with hours of entertainment. Once I started, I couldn't stop reading until I had finished the entire book. I highly recommend reading this wonderful novel from the talented Ms. Taylor! Reviewed by Kerin


Ms. Taylor created a new world while using situations like prejudice and intolerance that are easily understood by everyone. Miranda is a very strong woman who has to endure terrible odds that would crush the average person. Jason, in spite of all his flaws, is a kind man who has never found the one thing that he needs most, he love of a strong woman. The love scenes between Miranda and Jason are very erotic, but underneath that is a core full of poignant caring. Thanks goes to Ms. Taylor for creating such an inspiring book.