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We know what our own history has been, more or less. But what if our history is also our future? The Descendants of Earth series takes place 500 years into the future and we haven't really changed all that much. We still have cultural differences, men struggle with emotion and we still fall in love. Jason's Accord began as a stand alone story until my editor, Bea came to me and told me how special she felt Jason's best friend, Michael was. She convinced me Michael needed his own story, which he got in Michael's Flight. Along the way I "met" two of Michael's friends, Blaise and Stavin who will soon have their own stories to share.

In Jason's Accord, Jason Dumont is a man of honor. A man who steadfastly works for what is right. In the anti-slavery camp of his planet, Martan populated by descendants of the first Mars colony, he cannot help himself with he first encounters Miranda of the planet Eadron. He brings her to his home, falls in love yet faces losing her due to his own sense of honor.

Jason's Accord

Michael's Flight begins at the end of Jason's Accord. Having lost the woman he thought he loved, Michael LaRosa journeys away from his home planet of Martan and finds himself on Thermodon, a planet populated by the descendants of Earth's Amazons. Her he finds true love, but will she have him?

Michael's Flight