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No, not like mini-pants -- my novellas!


I'm thrilled to be part of the Tarot Series originated by eXtasy Books. I know a few other publishers caught on to it but eXtasy was the first. My two contributions are The Four of Cups - The Thrill is Gone (due out March 15, 2010) and The Knight of Pentacles (coming soon).


Actually grew out of an event I did with Allison Brennan, Brenda Novak and Karin Tabke. In 2009 I approached KOFY TV-20 in San Francisco to see if they would like to have a bevy of romance authors celebrate Valentine's Day with them. They said rather than just the day, how about a whole week of romance! We went down for taping one day and taped a full weeks of segments in an afternoon. While there, Brian, our cameraman said wouldn't it be fun to do a story with a cameraman as the hero. Well I haven't made him a hero just yet -- that is going to be an action packed full length story, but he does have a role in The Thrill is Gone. The Thrill is Gone is the story of a girl singing group who have moved on to other things yet the Four Cups, as they were known have kept together in their own way. They have their own secrets yet somehow, the thrill of it all has left them.

Angela's, cover artist, did my cover and one of the things I absolutely LOVE about it is when you look at the woman, she could be anyone. Is she White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian or someone you just know could be you? I can't wait to see what she does with my Knight of Pentacles.

The Thrill is Gone - Four of Cups  

The Knight of Pentacles

Tells another of the Cups' stories. This time with a guy who is a Knight!
Cafe Nowhere - Ghost of a Chance

My contribution to the Cafe Nowhere Anthology is Ghost of a Chance. Megan Rose is at her wits end with her job. A boss who is even more saddistic than even Megan thought sends Megan down a foggy road. What she finds at the end surprises her more than she could ever have imagined.