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This series grew out of my experiences in my local police department. While I live in a city of 55,000 there is very much a small town atmosphere and we had this wonderful chief whose motto was "no call is too small". We'd give a recalcitrant juvenile a ride to school in the morning. That didn't mean we didn't have our share of series incidents including a bomb on a car, stalkings and an occasional homicide. They just didn't happen that often. Still, ideas flow from a comment, a call, an incident. It was there the ideas for the McKenna series came to me.

Add in my own background in metaphysics and interest in psychic phenomena and Kelly McKenna was born.

The first of the series is The Spell where readers meet Kelly and her boyfriend. Ah, but which boyfriend is her true love and who is just a hot hero type? I enjoyed writing two heroes vying for one smart cookie of a heroine who knows her strengths and weaknesses as well as her frustrations of knowing her answers lie just beyond the veil. Pursued by one man, loved by another, can she find her one true love before time runs out?

The Spell

Book 2 is the Glass Cage, contracted with Siren. Kelly has recovered from the events in book 1 and is now trying to figure out just where to in life. There are options a plenty and then one day, out of the blue, a woman approaches her with an offer that may just been too good to be true. Can she escape the Glass Cage? (coming July 2010 with Siren-Bookstrand).