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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Allison Knight - Meet my friend and fellow author!


When I finished polishing my first Medieval Romance, Heartsong, I realized I didn’t want to let the characters go. I fell in love! In fact two of the brothers of the heroine intrigued me. I knew I had to write a story for them as well. So, what about a series? I remember long ago, reading a series by Catherine Coulter, and Joanna Lindsey has been writing the Marlow family for years. More recently, Christina Dodd wrote the Princess series. There are many other authors who have kept their characters alive. I decided to give it a try.

And the first thing I learned, was, thank the lord, I’d taken the time to write detailed character interviews for all the main characters of Heartsong. Without them I would have had to spent hours, rereading the book and making notes. Of course, even a lot of the research, clothing, foods, living conditions, even the size of the keep and the rooms in one, had already been researched and I had notes on all of that.

However, here I found I was paging through all my notes looking for little details, the kind that bring a story to life. There had to be a better way! I thought about some of the records I kept for writing and decided – perhaps a spread sheet would work. With my first novel, years ago, I drew my characters out on butcher paper, and that made for easy reference. Why not do the same with a spread sheet?

So, I retrieved my pad of accounting paper, the twelve column kind, and begin to consider what information I needed. After all, the heroine of the new story would be visited by the heroine of the first story. She’d describe what she saw and what she thought of the other woman. The same for others who would also grace the pages of the second book.

Names became a problem as well. You don’t want the heroine of the first book to have a very similar name to a maid or servant in the second book, so I needed names. I also found that I really wished I’d kept a word or two description of each major scene in the first book. I’m doing that now with the second book. Writing the third book will be much easier. I’ve learned a valuable lesson trying to write this series. Keep track of important scenes, who, what, where and why, and descriptions. Recording them on a computer spread sheet makes review much easier.

Without my written record for that first book, I’d be spending hours rereading and recording. I don’t have to do that now. I’ve also learned recording plot devices work well if a series is in mind. Doing it after the fact means a lot more work.

So the third book should not present some of the problems the second book has presented. The second book is nearly complete. Battlesong will soon be finished and with luck my editor will like it and agree to a third. We can hope. But no matter the outcome, I’ve come away with some valuable lessons – that work for me. Some of what I learned might help you too, if you’re considering a series.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Meet P.J. Dean!

I'd like to take a moment to introduce my fellow eXtasy author P.J. Dean!

P.J. was born to a hard-working, single mother on a tight budget, who believed pursuing the things which make life fun were just as important as the necessities, A. Louise Johnson was exposed to fun things which would entertain her and enrich her life, not just clutter it up. Her mother believed fun did not have to cost much and sought out what Philly had to offer. Libraries, museums, free city-sponsored concerts, etc. She was also raised an only child in a household of adults, so she was a tad precocious. Their neighborhood, South Philly, was, and always has been, a mix of different cultures. She grew up hearing many languages and witnessing the customs of the immigrants who had settled there. As a child, she learned to observe people, developing an eye for detail and an ear for the unusual. This inquisitiveness led to her affinity for research and a desire to write. Her love of other places led to a semester in France and a B. A. in French Civilization, with a minor in Spanish. Her interest in history and her penchant for romance novels directed her to write her first historical romance, "FAITHFUL." It was named a 2005 Independent Book Awards Finalist in the Romance category. "KINDRED" was her next logical step after recalling a snippet of information her maternal grandmother had related to her about them possibly having American Indian ancestors. She decided to spin it into an historical romance and New Concepts Publishing decided it was good enough to add to their line. P. J. Dean," lives in New Jersey with her very demanding cat, Bart.

Check out her excerpt from her historical/interracial romance, "KINDRED," just released by New Concepts Publishing. Set in upstate New York before, during and after the American Revolutionary War, it tells the story of Kindred, an African-American free woman and the romance which has developed between her and her childhood friend, Lelaheo, an Oneida Indian man. Raised together by her ex-slave grandmother and a kindly, English physician in his vast estate, Kindred is a herbalist and healer. Lelaheo wants to be a doctor. Unbeknownst to Kindred, he has been accepted to medical school. But not in the Colonies. He must go study in Europe. The scene opens with her discovery and dismay. If you order it, my pen name is PJ Dean.


"When did you intend to tell me that you got accepted to medical school?" She stood, hands on hips, occasionally pointing at him accusingly. "Abroad no less. And especially since we drilled together to get your Latin and German perfect for the examinations. I am a part of this as much as you."

He winced at her words. "Kindred, I am so sorry---"

"Yes. Both literally and figuratively. And when, do tell, are you departing? By any chance are your trunks packed already?" She let out a humorless chuckle and began to pace the room.

"I go down river in three days. Yes, they are packed. It is a long journey, Kindred.
It will take weeks to get to Europe."

"Three days! You leave in three days?"

Lelaheo began ticking off his list on his fingers. "I have to abide an ocean voyage and familiarize myself with Köln. I must spend time with Herr Doktor ben Lazer and adjust to life in a strange place. And before all that, I must navigate getting out of these woods. Kindred, stop pacing!" He caught her by the apron. She yanked away.

Exasperated, Lelaheo threw up his hands. "Why can you not be happy for me?"

Kindred sought refuge on the mahogany settle in front of the now dead fireplace as she interrogated him.

"Your people in Kanowalohale. Do they know?"

"Yes. They arrive tomorrow. As many of my family as possible will come. Some will take me down river to Albany."

She shifted in the seat, wagging her head. "Lelaheo, Lelaheo."

"I thought they should come for a short stay and then I would leave for Europe." A shame-faced grin flashed, brilliant against his cinnamon skin as he folded his arms across his chest.

"Oh. The kill-two-birds-with-one-stone theory?" Kindred tried to remain composed, but the more he revealed, the more infuriated she became. But Lord, his smile was ingratiating, she thought. "Seems to me, if I had not stumbled upon this, I would have found out while standing at the water's edge as you climbed into a canoe."

Lelaheo hurried over to rest at her feet.

"Why is this upsetting you so?" His eyebrows pulled downward in a frown. "I will get to see all those things we have only read about. It is different there. I shall just be another student. For once, I shall be accepted on my merit."

"You are so naïve." She reached a hand down to smooth his silky hair, then snatched it back quickly. "You will be traveling to the continent which is the architect of so much misery here. You will not be viewed any differently there than you are here.
Their station in life dictates they be more discreet in their bias. I do not want to see you hurt. Do not confuse curiosity with caring."

"How can you say that? It is a world of scholars and learned men."

"And of possible pain. Living here at Twainhaven has been both a joy and a curse. Has Father equipped us with what we need to face life outside the hall?"

"Kindred, you, me and Joshua, can overcome anything. We have. We do everyday. Because of Douglas. So please. Find joy in the fact I will be doing what I love. Exploring. Experiencing new things. Besides, you knew I'd be going away."

"But not abroad! Do you not understand?" She balled her hand into a fist and pummeled her thigh. "You'll be an ocean away. If you'd stayed here at least you could visit us. But now being so far away … " She drifted off refusing to look at him.

Lelaheo scooted closer and captured both of her hands.

"Do not. Please do not." She strained to pull away, but he gripped her hands firmly.

"Why not, Kinny?" He watched her turn a deaf ear to his plea. "Ever since we were children I have admired your honesty, your courage. Do not disappoint me now. Why are you so bothered? Why this display?" He shifted to his knees and seized both of her hands in one of his. With his free hand, he grasped her chin and gently pivoted her face to meet his. Her eyes were downcast. "Kinny, talk to me."

She slowly raised her eyes to his face. That face. With its high cheekbones; strong nose; beautiful, almost feminine mouth; and those inquisitorial, obsidian eyes which were at this moment waiting for an answer. With a taut jerk of her head, she disengaged from his grasp. She raised her chin and stared at him coolly. "Lelaheo, you should know why. I never fancied you the type who would need their pride stroked. You should know."

"What should I know, Kinny?" He reached up with his free hand, untied her head wrap and tossed it aside. Her two heavy braids tumbled to just below her shoulders. With a tapered index finger, he traced the curve of her cheekbone and applied light pressure as the same tip traveled lower to outline her mouth. He leaned in, his lips grazing her ear and he let out a long breath. "That you love me? Or more importantly, that I love you?" He felt her tremble at his words. He heard her breath catch and a little gasp escape. Pulling back, a dropped-jaw visage greeted him. "Well?"

Kindred wretched her hands from his possession and hurled her arms around his neck.
"Yes, I love you. Lelaheo. Kunoluhkwa."

He stood up, hauling her from the settle roughly. He snaked one arm around her waist, while the other supported her back, bringing her snugly against his hard body. Looking down, he beheld her glowing features and sighed."Kunoluhkwa, Kinny. I have loved you since you stood up for me in the Reverend Harkness' school room that day. I have loved you since you helped heal my wounds from that beating we endured. I have loved you all these years. You know me better than I know myself. So, good Lord, how will I ever live these next months without seeing your face everyday?"
His mouth came down and, gently, but insistently, covered hers. Warm and persuasive, his lips smothered any protest Kindred may have even thought about voicing. His kiss was an opiate, drugging her. As his assault on her mouth intensified, she opened her eyes a little and suspired against his. Feeling her relax, he opened his eyes and slowly darted his tongue in and out of the breached recesses of her mouth. Lelaheo let slip, lower, the arm he used to support her back. He ran his palm over her curvy bottom, pressing her closer, keeping her body tight against his. As the kiss deepened, they both groaned and rubbed against each other. Lelaheo felt himself harden.

All of a sudden the doorknob rattled. The two jumped apart, breathless and moist lipped. Kindred reclaimed her place in the chair. Flushed, she patted her face, retrieved her head wrap from the floor and fanned with it. Lelaheo stood anchored to the spot, respiring deeply.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vivacious Vixens of Romance

I've joined up with Phyllis Campbell, Tracy Ranson and Mary Martinez to form the Vivacious Vixens of Romance! Check us out at

And take a look at our opening contest!

Kick off Contest!June 3, 2009 by vivaciousvixensofromance
It’s a scavenger hunt!
You’ll need to go to each of our web sites to find the answers. Once you have all the answers email them to Mary.
Vixen Phyllis
What is the title of my July release with Champagne Books?
Name ONE of the awards I won in 2005.
Who is the actor I have on my website thats “HOT ENOUGH”?
Vixen Tracy
What field does Tracy hold a degree in?
What is one of Tracy’s most recent releases?
Name two of Tracy’s Publishers
Vixen Regan
Who were two authors I read in May?
What are the names of three of my heroes?
Who do I live with?
Vixen Mary
What are the two new books I have coming from Siren-BookStrand?
What Conference will I be attending in October?
Where was I married?
Email your anwers. One entry per person. All entries with at least an attempt at the answers from each web site will be placed in the drawing. Contest ends June 30th at Midnight PT.
Prize: Download of Meet Me In Fantasyland by Mary Martinez, Download of American Hero by Regan Taylor, Download of your choice of Tracy L. Ranson’s backlist and last but not least a Download of Pretend I’m Yours a Colonial Romance by Phyllis Campbell.