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Monday, May 25, 2009

His Eyes coming in November 2009 with Bookstrand

Detective Mike Malone couldn't help himself. As he sat by Jane Doe's hospital bed for weeks on end, never knowing if she'd wake or they'd learn who she was, he started to fall for her. When she woke and had no where to go, Mike gave her a home and convinced himself he loved her. The thing was the woman that he now knew as Claudia, was in love with someone else. At Claudia's wedding Mike met a woman named Melanie and he asked her "Do you remember any past lives?" To which she replied no. And he asked "Had any bumps on the head lately?" To which she answered no. There was one question he didn't ask and should have because had he asked, the answer would have been very different.

Melanie Hughes left a bad marriage in her past. Meeting Mike Malone was the stuff of dreams and this time she was going to do it right. Letting him into her carefully constructed life opened the door for the love of a lifetime...there was just one little thing from her past that could unravel it.

Will a lover from her past named Hugh hold the key?

His Eyes coming in November 2009 with Bookstrand.

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