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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vivacious Vixens of Romance

I've joined up with Phyllis Campbell, Tracy Ranson and Mary Martinez to form the Vivacious Vixens of Romance! Check us out at

And take a look at our opening contest!

Kick off Contest!June 3, 2009 by vivaciousvixensofromance
It’s a scavenger hunt!
You’ll need to go to each of our web sites to find the answers. Once you have all the answers email them to Mary.
Vixen Phyllis
What is the title of my July release with Champagne Books?
Name ONE of the awards I won in 2005.
Who is the actor I have on my website thats “HOT ENOUGH”?
Vixen Tracy
What field does Tracy hold a degree in?
What is one of Tracy’s most recent releases?
Name two of Tracy’s Publishers
Vixen Regan
Who were two authors I read in May?
What are the names of three of my heroes?
Who do I live with?
Vixen Mary
What are the two new books I have coming from Siren-BookStrand?
What Conference will I be attending in October?
Where was I married?
Email your anwers. One entry per person. All entries with at least an attempt at the answers from each web site will be placed in the drawing. Contest ends June 30th at Midnight PT.
Prize: Download of Meet Me In Fantasyland by Mary Martinez, Download of American Hero by Regan Taylor, Download of your choice of Tracy L. Ranson’s backlist and last but not least a Download of Pretend I’m Yours a Colonial Romance by Phyllis Campbell.

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