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Saturday, June 26, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to the Humane Society This Morning

First of all, meet Bogie:

he's a 9 month old very shy boy who was found in a feral colony. He was at Humane for 2 months and had a rough time.They said he's under socialized, but felt in the right home he's be fine. As you may or may not know, I was voted "best cat house in Marin" last year so my home is a pretty cool place if you are a cat. Yes, he does look a lot like Molly. He's not Molly. Yes his resemblance to Molly drew me to him but how he responded to me was what captured my heart.

When a lot of us have a pet die we say something like "I just wanted to hold him (or her) one more time." after they cross the bridge? We'd do anything for that one last hug, you know?

Well this morning when I was putting my shoes on to go pick up Bogie I sat by one of Molly's favorite spots and started to tear up. I told her I'd give anything to hold her one last time but it would never be enough.

So I told Molly that this morning and went to pick up Bogie. I went back to remind him he was coming home with me and this little black kitty with amber eyes walked up to the door and climbed up my leg. She looked so earnest at my as if to say "I'm ready, let's go." I walked over to Bogie and she followed, chattering to me all the way and purring. Clearly she was ready to go -- what was my problem?

I started to pet Bogie and she got more insistent. I picked her up and she started to purr and lick my face.

What was I supposed to do?
What would you do?
How do you tell a kitty that has no doubt she is coming home with you and she can't?
And how to do you tell a kitty you promised to bring home he's not coming?

Harriet met Mel minutes after coming in the house -- they spit at each other. He spit back. He's older and bigger -- his hiss is louder. She walked away from him.

He's fascinated by her, followed her around once he knew she was here. She's basically ignored him. He doesn't seem to think it's odd she's here.

Bogie had a rough start in life and right now he's under a piece of furniture and if that's where he needs to be to feel safe that's fine with me. There's food, water and litter boxes in every room. Mel isn't upset -- I know there will come a point where the three of them duke it out. But we'll be okay.

I promised Mel a new little brother and he's gotten a brother and a sister.

And -- that comment I made to Molly about being able to hold her one more time -- I think she gave Harriet the message what I needed. I've been getting hugs and kisses since I walked into that room at humane.

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