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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Love Book Cover Day! Introducing The Photograph

Just as the eyes are the windows to the soul, book covers are the gateway to being transported to another time and place. The portal to leaving our day to day life, no matter how exciting some may be, to "be" somewhere else for a short time.  One of the best experiences in publishing is working with a cover artist who "gets" your book. The best cover artists are the ones who, with a few words from you, can weave amazing magic to give you the perfect cover.

This morning I received my cover for The Photograph, book one of my Treasures Antiques series, arrived.  Niki is an amazing artist. The not only captured my vision of the antique shop where some of the story takes place, but she brought the very street I envisioned to her palatte. I'd love to walk down this street and stop into that very antique store.

Best of all is the couple gracing the cover. As a friend of mine at work said, "I could let him whisper in my ear all day." Niki created a cover that captured my vision of The Photograph and that slightly off base feeling that I imagine you would have if you suddenly found yourself in another time.  She didn't fall into the cliche trap of slapping a bunch of old photographs on the page and thinking it was a unique idea -- which I've seen happen with a book that has the mention of a picture or photograph or painting in the title. She gave me a totally unique cover that, I think, evokes a number of romantic emotions.

Without further ado -- my cover for The Photograph

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