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Monday, May 23, 2011

Welcome Jennifer DiCamillo

JENNIFER DICAMILLO writes memorable characters in unforgettable stories. She’s won over 180 writing awards, so you can be assured you’ll be reading a well-written story. She’s also a motivational speaker, poet, and playwright who loves kids (she has five!) and animals. She lives in a haunted hollow just north of Branson, Missouri, with her two four lb yorkies, Mojo and Pixie; her calico cat, Sibli (Sister of the meadow); and her tobiano paint horse, W.C. (Wild Card).


The Price of Peace (Publish America) is a tongue lashing, sword slinging epic saga of clan warfare set in 13th Century Wales. It begins with murder, rallies in romance, wallows in intrigue, and culminates in suspense. Once you finish this, you really will have survived the war!

Deadknots (Hard Shell Word Factory) is a fun anthology filled with paranormal mysteries. You won’t want to miss The Banshees of Baxter County which easily could have been called Gophers Gone Wild. Gophers from the high school science lab are mysteriously set free. Before long, gophers are showing up all over the county, and so are dead bodies. And if that’s not strange enough for you, ghosts have been seen at the local cemetery.

Four Dead (Mojocastle Press) isn’t your traditional romantic suspense. Four bodies have turned up in dumpsters in just as many months. One week before another body is due to show up, detectives Mike Barber and Beth Thompson realize that Beth fits the profile of the victims and her apartment sits smack in the middle of the other murders. With no leads, and very little hope of surviving the week, Beth decides to let loose a little bit by cornering Mike into setting up dates with his brothers. The week is fraught with high tension, scant new leads, and frightening revelations.

Mentally Unstable (Under the Moon Press) is a collection of short mystery stories that are sure to entertain readers of all ages. From cozy to hardboiled, humorous to dead serious, this anthology really has a good variety of award-winning tales.


The answer to the 40 million dollar WIP question "If I could go back in time to ask anyone in the world, living or dead, what you need for your current WIP, who would it be and what would you ask them?"

My response: I'm a multi-task writer. I always have at least one poetry collection in the works (I have four published!) and I've also got about twenty things started, usually one in every genre I write in, which is pretty much ALL. So, narrowing all that down, I'd go back in person to meet William Shakespeare. I'd get him to tutor me on the basics required in every production he ever created. I figure I'd learn some things about pacing and meter, maybe pick up the iambic pentameter beat, but certainly get the quintessential list for long lasting success. I figure he'd be pretty surprised to hear how long his works have ruled the world. I plan to flabbergast him with the crazy notion that we let women play women in productions these days. I'm sure he'll be scandalized.

As for my current MYSTERY IN PROGRESS, I'd ask ol' Will if he liked it, get his notes on improvements. I think he'd find any holes in my plotting. Or places red herrings should be put. Maybe he'd name some viable herrings himself. Wouldn't that be fun to say? Wouldn't the headlines be great? Time Travelin Writer Consults Shakespeare! Will on Jenn! She could have asked Jesus, Ghandi, or a make-it-or-break-it best selling sponsor like Oprah, but no, she picks the bones of the great master instead!


  1. Thanks again for having me visit your blog, and featuring my works, Regan.

  2. Jennifer is an interesting person, not only with words, but in person.

    I enjoyed the post.


  3. Jennifer, It seems you wear many writing hats, and I'm intrigued. Terrific blog! And now I'll have to look for your books.

  4. Interesting post, Jennifer. I enjoyed stopping by.

  5. Great interview, Jennifer. SO glad I dropped by!

  6. Wow, you write poetry, too?! Multi-tasker indeed. I'm SO enjoying this Mystery We Write Blog Tour. Can't wait for the next installment. (Kudos, ladies!)