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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Is It Life Or Is It Drama?

My cousin Mary and I were recently talking about people with drama, particularly gratuitious drama in our lives. Mary said something that so totally hit the nail on the head: "When it happens to them it's just their life; but if it happens to you, then it's drama."

So what started this discussion was, in part my recent advertisement for a new tenant/roommate. The one who moved our in September was all about the drama. Well, not really drama but getting as much attention as possible. Nothing was ever simple with her. She couldn't just say "it's hot, could we set the air conditioner a little lower?" Instead it would be "(long suffering sigh) I'm going into the bathroom to faint." Followed by a stagger towards the bathroom.

Okay, if it were me, I wouldn't want to faint in the bathroom if I could help it. Far too many things to bump my head on if I, in fact, fell. I'd rather do it lying down on my bed where I'd be guaranteed a soft landing. 

We had a suspicious package at work one day. Police came, dealt with the package. Pretty much end of story till they exploded whatever it was outside the building. Very loud bang.

SHE also had a suspicious package -- a "dirty and smelly" guy came into her work and put his "dirty and smelly backpack" on her desk and she KNEW, she absolutely KNEW it had a bomb in it. 

Really? In a Jaguar dealership? How come?

Oh, he didn't like how they fixed his car. Right. 

With her it wasn't 5 ants she saw outside (which I could see) it was waking me up because of a "major infestation all over downstairs". Not a one to be found inside the house but I did spot the 5 or so outside. 

For more you'll have to read McKenna three when it comes out. No, no, it's not about my former tenant/roommate. You know that whole thing about any resemblance to anyone living or dead? It couldn't be because it's purely coincidental.

Above are but a few examples of life with Nat.

I also used to work with a woman who was non-stop drama. Her life was like a Lifetime movie running headlong into Law & Order with a smidge of CSI thrown in. It was every day. There was a collective sigh of relief when she left. 

So when it came time for a new tenant/roommate I included some very specific items:  MUST like cats. Not just lived with them but MUST like them. And, NO DRAMA. My life was running drama free at work and home. It was all peaceful, calm, relaxed and dull. I like let's me go off in my imagination for the next book.

Wait! You say!  You had whatshername providing such great story lines. Story lines are one thing, having it in my home is another. And that any resemblance thing....

So Mary and I were talking about this and how I put it in the roommate ad that those with drama need not apply. I loved her line about if it's about them it's just their life but if it happens to you, then it's drama. It's okay for them to have all this upheaval but you must not only be calm but emotionally available to them at all times.

So this guy, let's call him Dave like in Dave from 2001 and Hal asking him "what are you doing, Dave", called and at first all seemed pretty nice. He spoke about being done with drama in his life...sounded really good.

So in 5 days we had:

Arriving drunk on move in day and bursting into tears.

Cops (friends from my former department) being called out to his former residence moving him out.

Tears on day two because of the drama at the old house. 

Slamming doors when I wouldn't agree to dinner the next night.

More slamming the next day cause I still wouldn't go to dinner.

Hysterical female friend who isn't a girlfriend but wants to get in his pants but he's not interested showing up and ringing the bell and banging on the door for almost 5 minutes (yes, yours truly the Virgo watched the clock while trying to get on some clothes to go downstairs to see where the fire was).  She was hysterical because his voicemail was full.  Yes indeedy, his voicemail was full....but that wasn't drama because, well "that's just Judy."

The next day he disappeared.

And then the next day I came home to find someone had been in my house, left doors opened and unlocked, changed the clocks and took some things....he said it was okay because it was a friend of his. Oh...did I mention he was in rehab and couldn't do those things himself? Not that they needed to be done -- especially leaving open the doors with three indoor cats. (cats are fine -- not missing him at all). 

But he insists that isn't drama.

His Eyes has been out about a year ( and Her Eyes was released this week ( and book 3 is called Their Eyes. I was having a bit of a issue with where the story was going to go.....thanks to my drama free zone....not anymore. 

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