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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Corinne Davies Sneak Peek Into Research - Best Ever Summer Reading Blog Tour

Hi everyone and welcome to the third week of the Best Ever Summer Blog Tour. I’m Corinne Davies and I first off want to give Regan BIG thank you for hosting me here today!

          Research is the name of the game today and what a double edged sword that is. I have lost hours of valuable writing time, all because of research. Don’t get me wrong I want to have the facts straight in my books but to be honest, I can start out researching the sounds a seal makes when it’s angry and two hours later I’m reading articles on the historical significance of the corset, or searching through pictures of shoe porn looking for the perfect pair for the scene I’m working on. (yes, those cherry platforms are featured in the book I’m working on J ) While I’m certain I don’t have any form of ADD. When it comes to research…I have the attention span of a goldfish.
          As I wrote about last week I have jumped genres and centuries in my books, which has required a lot of extra research over the years. It’s so much easier to research today than it was when I was in high school. I know I’m dating myself here but I remember spending lots of time in my local library pulling out book after book looking for information on a subject. Now a days, we have google, yahoo or a plethora of other search engines at our disposal.

          While that had made some things easier, there are some things you have to go to the source for. When I wrote Haunted Hearts I traded a number of emails with a Coast Guard Officer stationed in Florida. She helped me with the lingo and basic information about their work schedules. I was able to put in little tidbits that I never would have found without hours of web surfing.

          So when I started writing the 3xtasy Lake series, I got in contact with a Conservation Officer in Algonquin Park. This person is my go-to for all sorts of information regarding the internal workings of a provincial park, it’s employees and wildlife.

          I also have a large personal library of unique information books I’ve collected over the years. If I’m in the bookstore and there is a reference book that catches my eye in the bargain section, you can bet it’s coming home with me. Just in case, one day I need it.

          So far I’ve talked a lot about the written aspect of research. Books, emails, and the web, but that only feeds so much. As an author, I can imagine what it might feel like to wander down a rough path through Algonquin Park, but until I walk that path in real life I can’t be sure that I catch the unique scent of wet earth, or how soft and spongy the moss feels on a tree, or what the birds in the trees sound like.

          At the moment, I’m working on a new book that involves a small microbrewery. While I already know the process of how beer is made, there is a variety of information that I can’t obtain until I go on a tour of an actual brewery. To breathe an element of reality into my books I need to smell the hops, and see exactly what the metal vats of fermenting beer feel like under my fingers. Are they cold or warm? Can you smell the beer in the air or does the pungent scent of malted barley override that? How often do they have to hose down the floors or do the bottles smash while being filled? All these things I need to experience myself in order to make them realistic in my books.

          Thank you again Regan for having me on your blog today!
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A special excerpt from Haunted Hearts, just for you…

He hated seeing her in this place. It looked dirty and dingy and couldn’t be healthy for either her or her brother. He didn’t know how to suggest she find something else without insulting her.
“I know this place is horrible, but we can’t go anywhere else.”
That made him feel like an ass. “If it’s about money, I know of a much nicer place. It’s owned by friends of mine, and I can arrange for you two to stay there.”
“In exchange for what?” Her voice had gone icy, and the suspicious look returned. It pissed him off. What kind of a guy did she take him for? Never mind. He had jumped her in her kitchen after not being in her room for more than five minutes.
“Nothing. You could stay there and tell me you never wanted to see me again, and I would respect that. I don’t like this place. Your neighbors are a walking time bomb. It’s only a matter of time before some nasty stuff goes down over there, and I don’t want you or Joey getting caught in the crossfire.”
“Believe me, it has crossed my mind, but I can’t take any chances.”
“Why don’t you explain what is going on and let me help you?”
“Because I don’t want you to get in the middle of this. It’s bad enough I can’t keep Joey safe. I don’t want to have you getting hurt on my conscience.”
“Sweetheart, what could be so bad you would worry about me? Who are you hiding from?”
She fidgeted in the spot, and he held his breath. He knew if he pushed too hard she would clam up, but there had to be something going on, and he couldn’t help her if he didn’t know what obviously frightened her.
“I’m hiding from some bad people. They think I have something important. I don’t, but they would never believe me. I heard things I shouldn’t have, and now I am doing everything I can to make it right.”
“You mean turning what you have over to the proper authorities?”
“That is one way of putting it. I also have another strange problem.”
“What?” He had wandered into the living room and dropped down onto the sofa. She moved to sit next to him, but with a quick tug of her hand, he managed to maneuver her into landing on his lap. He wrapped his arms around her waist and guided her legs to the cushions next to them. She didn’t seem too comfortable and kept fidgeting, which made his erection harder than ever. She had to be able to feel it pressing up against her core. With every wiggle of her ass, he feared the zipper in his jeans was going to give.
“Sweetheart, sit still please, or I’m not going to be able to pay attention.”
She laughed nervously and then relaxed a smidge.
A loud pop and a scream cut through their quiet bubble. Mac rolled them both to the floor, protecting her as she curled into a ball beneath him and covered her ears. A couple more pops and the glass in the window where she had been sitting earlier shattered.
With his cell phone in hand, he dialed 911 as the bedroom door opened.
“Wendy, wuz goin’ on?” A sleepy Joey stood in the doorway, rubbing his eyes.

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  1. I enjoyed your take on research. Yep, one can get sidetracked by the amount of info available these days. I had to do research on drug taking and terminology for my latest novel 'The Band'. Never having even smoked pot, my research was a real eye opener for me. Again, thanks for the read and a chance to read your excerpt. Sharon

  2. Corinne, this was such an interesting post on research. I was intrigued to hear about your personal book collection. And maybe one day when we all have a chance to meet you can share some microbrewing tips with us! Regan, your blog is so lovely. Best, Regina

  3. Small world, Corinne! I interview a Coast Guard helicopter pilot for my rescue mission gone wrong story "Against The Current". I have so much respect for this, the smallest branch of the US services. Their peacetime mission to keep the waters about the States safe requires nerves of steel and dedication to go out in all kinds of awful weather The also do drug interdiction on the high seas--a dangerous undertaking indeed!
    Smart you for going to a microbrewery. The sights, sounds and smells are unforgettable. Oh--and then there is the Dirty job, but someone has to do it.
    Thanks for the great post!
    Christine London