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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Let's Talk Resolutions as Part of Our Holly Jolly Blog Tour

   I've invited Christine London to kick off a discussion on holidays resolutions but first....

Christine says: Thanks for hosting me on your blog this last week of 2012, Regan. It makes lots of sense that we talk about resolutions so let's get started:

I asked her are any of your books centered around Christmas? Tell us a bit about them please.
    My first in a series of short stories was published a couple weeks ago. Nottinghill Scrooge speaks to loss keenly felt at this time of year as well as love newly found.
   Sara Wright needs this holiday job at Nottinghill’s historic Coronet Cinema to pay her tuition, but her handsome boss Robert is a thorn in the side of every usher who breathes. She knows there must be more to a man who breaks his own rules to rescue a child. Can she figure out the puzzle before he self-destructs along with her job?
   Why is Robert so cross? Why does Sara never see him smile?
   I hope this short read will warm many hearts. Nottinghill Scrooge is set in the same wonderful London neighbourhood as the beloved film, Nottinghill. Who can forget Hugh Grant as the lovelorn bookshop owner and Julia Roberts as world famous film actress isolated and lonely because of her fame?
   You are invited to fall in love with Sara and Robert in Nottinghill Scrooge.

And for the New Year, of course: what are your 5 New Year's writing/reading resolutions?

Our tour ends soon with a $50 gift certificate to one lucky commenter.  Check out our other stops at:

Christine London -


  1. Hi Christine,

    There's something fascinating about a woman breaking the barrier put up by an uptight man. I like those kind of characters. Best wishes on your new Christmas release.


  2. Hi Christine and Hi Regan! I just love the premise of your book, Christine and am looking forward to reading it. Good luck and mega-sales!
    Regan, your blog is wonderful :-)
    Happy New Year and Happy Writing to all...and big hugs!