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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Who Showed Up at Ann Tracy Marr's Hi, all. I’m Ann Tracy Marr, ready to enliven your day. A big thank you to Regan for giving me her blog for the week as part of the Best Ever Summer Blog Tour. Regan is hanging out at Now, let’s have fun. Who was standing at the foot of my bed last night? Doesn’t that sound like a great title? If it is for a movie, you can bet it’s horror. The vampire at the foot of my bed –has he just risen, as in the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and he’s hungry, he’s going to suck me dry as a bone? Or am I the woman who can redeem his soul? If it’s a poem, it’s by e.e. cumming – the guy who forgot capital letters. He wrote something like this: Who was standing at the foot of my bed a crocosaurus hungry for a grilled cheese sandwich and needing the back of his ears scratched I used the sandpaper I keep next to my glasses and ordered him back to his corner until the alarm clock went off no cheating on your diet, sweetie But if it’s a romance, guess the ways you can stretch the phrase. The cowboy, drunk on moonshine and his stupendous win at the poker table, turned left instead of right at the inn stairs. He counted doors and this door was the right number. Just the wrong direction, if his head wasn’t too muddled to realize it. After fiddling with the stubborn door, he raised a foot and kicked it in. Swaggering, he entered and headed for the foot of the bed, slinging his gunbelt down with a whomp. Whoo, hoo, there was a female waiting to celebrate with him. Better yet, two. The curly headed girl smiled at him; he grinned back. The other, the black haired witch, jumped out of the bed and punched him in the nose. Or – Snow drifted through the oilskin flapping at the croft window. Breanna tugged at the moth eaten blanket, trying to cover her bare shoulder. Her sister must have rolled over, taking her share of the bedding. If only they were at the castle. Her own room, rich furs to keep her warm. An odd sound made her open her eyes. A man, as tall as the ceiling, with moon colored hair untidily on his shoulders, grinned at her. Blessed Mary have mercy on her soul. A Viking. Or—Lady Ann, the bedcovers a tent over her head as she read by the light of a shielded candle, stiffened. The door had quietly opened. Closed. Muffled thuds sounded on the carpet. Hessians? Gentlemen wore Hessians. Heavens, had her father discovered that she was reading a book of philosophy? There would be a dreadful row. Mama would cry. Papa would take a switch to her. Expecting the worst, Lady Ann flipped the covers back and sat up, clutching the candle. The dastardly Duke stood at the foot of the bed. He said with a grin, “Surprise. Your father neglected to inform you – we were married three months ago by proxy.” Or – Kristen threw the remote. “Don’t stand at the foot of my bed,” she howled. “I can’t see Conan.” Matt grinned. “I’ve got something better than that lame comedian.” “How dare you! Just because we’re stuck in this godforsaken airport hotel together doesn’t mean you can…” Her voice trailed off as his zipper went down. “It’s our lucky day, Kristen. Stranded by a snowstorm with the hotel crammed to the gills so we have to share a room. Don’t you think we’ve danced around our lust long enough?” Oh, yes, it’s a great title. Cheers, Ann Tracy Marr Where can you find me? Website: Purchase books (e-book or trade paperback) on Curious to continue the Best Ever Summer Blog Tour? Here’s a list of the blogs: Ann Tracy Marr - Susan Roebuck - Sharon Poppen - Regan Taylor - Angie Dobson, Reviewer - Corinne Davies - Regina Andrews - Christine London - Lynn Hones -

Curious to continue the Best Ever Summer Blog Tour? Here’s a list of the blogs:

Ann Tracy Marr -

Susan Roebuck -

Sharon Poppen -

Regan Taylor -

Christine London -

Lynn Hones -


  1. Hi Ann and Hi Regan, what a great post, Ann. I can't wait to read your book! Love your covers, too. Regan, your blog is a total knockout! Have a great week!! :-)

  2. Ann, You are so lucky that you dream. If I dream, I never remember them. Your nights sound soooo exciting. I enjoyed the mixtures from vampires to cowboys. What fun. Thanks for sharing your bedtime visitors. Sharon