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Sunday, July 15, 2012

True or False with Christine London

This week is your chance to catch us in our own fiction!

I asked Christine London to tell me about herself and one thing she said isn't quite true....which is it?

Christine said:  Hi Regan! Thanks for allowing me to visit your blog today. Oh my, what a topic. I have to tell you that I am a lousy fibber, at least in person. video or cam here so I might be safe.

Okay-- here goes:

"Tell us three things about yourself and one lie."

You, my dear peeps, have to decide which one is the lie. That means a comment on your part. Oh, did I tell you that your comment might just win a free e-book? And furthermore you might be the winner of a FIFTY DOLLAR AMAZON GIFT CERTIFICATE to be awarded at the end of July?
Yes--that bit is all true. Good luck!

1) I was the youngest member of the well respected South Bay Los Angeles concert singers, Los Conciertos at the tender age of seventeen. I concurrently performed in my high school master chorale, then university adjunct to the L.A. Master Choral directed by the amazing Paul Salamonovich. Presently I sing in a vocal jazz pop octet, A Choired Taste.

2) I once crashed the Ischia International Film Festival on the Amalphi Coast Island of Ischia — later including the caper in my novel Leap Of Faith.

3) Gerard Butler and I chatted in a dark cinema hallway before he joined a group to discuss the film in which he portrays a ex-biker gang member, Sam Childers, in the film Machine Gun Preacher. The real life hero of the movie chuckled at the notion that a romance writer was attending the premiere of his docudrama about a renegade militia that forces East African orphans to become soldiers before they even reach their teens. Determined to save as many as possible, he leads armed missions deep into enemy territory to retrieve kidnapped children to the security of the orphanage he founded, restoring peace in their lives—and eventually his own.

4) I came in first in my age category—my first official 5 K run. "Jet to Jetty" event benefiting Airport Marina mental Health held on Dockweiler Beach Playa del Rey Los Angeles County in 2005.

Okay--which is the lie? Why do you think I am fibbing about that one? What cool and perhaps unbelievable thing have you done about which people might guess you were fibbing?

I can't wait to tour around the other author's blogs to see what mischief they have been up to in their lives and what you readers have to say! Come on over to my blog and see what author Ann Tracy has to fib about.

Christine London, author of 100 Romance Best of 2011, When We Were Amazing
Amazon link:
When tragedy nearly destroys Brian's family wine business, can this reluctant young heir forfeit his dreams and online love to save it? 

See what story I came up with over at the Love Romances and More Blog with Angie 


  1. I bet you are tone deaf, Christine. It wouldn't be fair for you to be as good a singer as you are a writer.

  2. No, Ann Tracy, I think she is a good Butler. Could you really get him on his own? If so, I want a FULL breakdown on him and all the inside information LOL.

  3. Christine, I have to believe it's the Gerard Butler tale. Of course, that because I would be so insanely jealous of you if you were in touching distance of such a charming creature! Loved your post and could see you singing and running.

  4. Oh my gosh! You completely dazzle me, Christine! I think they are all true lol that is how convincing you are ***wink wink wink wink*** Okay I will take a leap of faith and guess that you crashed the film festival?

  5. I think it's #2...I know you sing Christine and you probably did meet Gerry in the hallway outside the Q&A one time. I also talked to him in the hallway before one of his Q&As so I know it's possible. I don't think you crashed Ischia...#4 is entirely possible.


  6. I was going to go for Geral Butler but now I'm convinced the lie is number 2. 'crashed the Ischia International Film Festival on the Amalphi Coast Island of Ischia'. I think this is a figment of your over active imagination and that's why this caper is included in your novel, Leap of Faith. :)

  7. Thanks for the writing complement. :)

    Tone deaf, eh? lol.

  8. Seems the leader in lies is the crasher theory. Hmm...

    It does seem a tad unlikely now doesn't it? I will disclose on Sunday which is the lie. ;)