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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Guess Which Character is Coming to Dinner at Sharon Poppen's

I recently asked Sharon Poppen “If you could organize a dinner party, which fictional characters would you invite and what would you cook?”

She answered:

Regan, Thanks for having me guest on your lovely blog this week of the Best Summer Reading Blog Tour. It’s been a blast moving each week from one author’s blog to another. I’ve connected with so many folks, both reader and authors, from so many different genres. It has left me tempted to broaden my range of interest. You can be sure that I’ll be checking out Corinne Davies blog at where she’s hosting you, Regan Taylor, with your answers to the above question.

Now, as to my dinner guests, so many flashed through my mind that I realized I’d have to rent a banquet hall to accommodate them. I’m very character driven both in my writing and in what I read, so I’ve become attached to so many over the years. I guess the first woman on my list would be Scarlett O’Hara from ‘Gone With the Wind’ by Margaret Mitchell. She is probably where my focus on strong women in the old west took hold.

Next would be Dagny Taggart from ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand, a book I was encouraged to read when I was faced with my divorce and the challenge of single parenting two children.

Then I would invite Stephanie Plum from the Janet Evanovich series of books about a wacky bailbonds woman. Her I-can-do-anything attitude along with her non-judgmental approach to life always encourages and entertains me.

From my own books, I would invite Lita Villasenor Farrell from “After the War, Before the Peace”. Her courage to reach out for something that crosses all lines – religious, cultural, social – because she saw her destiny in one man that could bring happiness into her life of poverty, confusion and betrayal. I would also invite Peggy Moynahan from ‘Abby-Finding More Than Gold’. Peggy brings fun to any aspect of her life. Hardly speaking, other than prayers, as a child, her first adult kiss opens up world of possibilities that the young adventuress embraces and enhances. She brings a party to a party.

I would also invite Danny Fisher from “A Stone for Danny Fisher’. Author Harold Robbins’ very best book. Danny is a sad, but charming, young man from the Great Depression Era who always strives for better, despite the darkness that shadows his every decision. I’d invite Andy Hookens from ‘Battle Cry’. His determination to be a tough Marine evolves when faced with love and brotherhood.

Next would be John Savage from ‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley. To watch John observe and judge a controlled population with a naïve innocence and an outdated value system is both frightening and sad, but also a warning. From my books, I would invite Joe Farrell from ‘After the War, Before the Peace.’ Joe finds good in almost everything, but is never afraid to speak his mind. And I would invite Liam Canady from ‘Hannah’ because he is just a really, really nice guy. As to what I would feed them, well my hosting dinner parties days are over. I’d probably take them to a nice Olive Garden restaurant and let them have anything they want.

Thanks, Regan, for having me here this week. I hope we get lots of folks dropping for a chance to win our book of the week and for qualifying to win our end-of-tour $50 Amazon gift certificate by leaving a comment here on your blog as to who they would invite to dinner!

Sharon Poppen ( ) has won awards from Arizona Authors Assoc. and National League of American Pen Women. Her western novels After the War, Before the Peace, Hannah and Abby-Finding More Than Gold are available at Amazon Books, most web based book sellers and from her website.  Her work has appeared in such publications as A Flasher’s Dozen, Desert Treasures, Skive, Offerings from the Oasis, A Long Story Short, Apollo Lyre and Laughter Loaf.  Her workshops on Journaling, Short Story Writing and Blogging bring rave reviews.  Sharon is a member of Lake Havasu City Writer’s Group. Her gay/sci-fi novel Regardless will be available in print and ebook the fall of 2012.

List of Published Novels

After the War, Before the Peace
Abby-Finding More Than Gold
Regardless (due out fall 2012)


  1. Holy Cow!
    That's one big dinner party you have there.
    It got me to thinking about my favorite characters in fiction. I'd keep my party small - just the Finch family - Atticus, Scout and Jem - well maybe Stephanie Plum for some comic relief.
    Nice article, Sharon. I miss you and all the writer family.

  2. Who to invite for dinner?????
    and what to cook, I love the idea. I'm really
    gonna think on that one. I'm signing up for a
    writing class tomorrow and it starts this fall!
    Thanks for your encouragement and advice!

  3. Regan, Thanks for the great question and the opportunity to share my thoughts on some wonderful fictional characters. Sharon

  4. Sharon, I'd give anything to attend your dinner party! Scarlett...and have so many of my favorites! I especially would love to meet Lita ;-)

    Regan your blog is beautiful! Have a great week.

  5. Gina, If it ever comes to pass, you'll definitely be invited. You would love Lita. Everyone does. Thanks for stopping by,

  6. Wow..I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch the interaction of all these strong minded people. What dialogue would no doubt ensue! Liam , as the nice guy, would have to be the moderator.

    Great post!