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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our Favorite Quotes -- What are Sue Roebuck's?

On our last week of our blog tour we're talking about our favorite quotes.  Sue had this to say:

Many many thanks to Regan for hosting me today. It’s been a fabulous experience to take part in the Best Summer Reading Blog Tour.  We’re on Week 8 already and today’s topic is on our favorite quotes from our books.

I've chosen a few sentences from my novel, Perfect Score, which is a non-explicit, m/m suspense/romance. It was a finalist in the 2012 EPIC eBook Awards in the Mainstream category and it was also a Honorary Mention in the 2011 Rainbow Awards in the General Fiction category.

Here's when 12 year-old Sam first meets his saviour and mentor, Itinerant Dan:

       His name was Itinerant Dan. “But you can call me Itinerant for short.” He swigged a long draft from a bottle of clear liquid, the fumes of which made Sam's head swim. Itinerant looked like so many on the street—dirty, smelly, hairy, ageless, in need of a dentist and with more than a whiff of insanity about him—but his eyes were bright with life that hadn't quite been snuffed out. “Here,” he handed Sam a moth-eaten blanket which smelt of a thousand unwashed bodies, “someone always dies at night— we'll get their shirt and pants.”

You can read more on the Publisher's site.

And from my other novel, Hewhay Hall, I’ve chosen this snippet. It features firefighter Jude who is recovering from being caught in a bomb blast:

Jude met Jolon for the first time on the street when Jude had ventured out for the first time using two crutches instead of sitting in a wheelchair. An old geezer was nonchalantly leaning against the carpet store window in the High Street, his lower face foliated by tendrils of beard growing in clumps.
Jude wouldn’t have noticed him if the guy hadn’t called across the crowd of Goths wearing industrial boots who lurked on the sidewalk. “Mathematically speaking,” he’d shouted, “we’re both fucked.”
Jude rested on his crutches and felt an instant attraction to the guy. 
“Smells like rain,” the guy said.
“Probably because it is raining,” Jude replied.

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  1. Thanks Regan for hosting me today :-)

  2. Sue, "But you can call me Itinerant for short." is a very memorable quote. So is "Mathmatically speaking, we're both ..." Great quotes. They will sure stay in my mind. Thanks for sharing, Sharon

  3. What a great post! Sue good luck and congratulations with your writing. I loved "'Itinerant' for short" - what irony!
    Your humor and personal emotion both sine through in your writing.

    Regan, your blog rocks!

    Hugs, Regina